Digital Hearing Aids and How They Work

Are you becoming hard of hearing and wondering whether a digital hearing aid is for you? The fact that there are so many people affected by hearing loss has given rise to new research into hearing loss. In the last decade, there has been a sharp increase in the range of hearing aids on the market, and the state-of-the art digital hearing aid improves the hearing capacity of the hearing impaired person. A digital hearing aid is a device that receives sound and breaks the sound waves into minute units and amplifies the sound. The main difference between the old analog hearing aid and digital hearing aid is that while analog hearing aid magnifies the sound to amplify sounds, digital hearing aid breaks the sounds waves and amplifies it. While in-the-ear hearing aids are fixed in the outer ear, the behind-the-ear hearing aids fit behind the ear connecting to a plastic ear mold that fits inside the outer ear. Canal aids fit into the ear canal. Body aids are for those who are affected by profound hearing loss and it is attached to the pocket or belt that is connected to the ear by wire. How Do Digital hearing aids Work?Digital hearing aids convert the analog waveform into a string of numbers for processing.

It receives the continuous sound wave and splits it into very small discrete bits of data. This process is called ‘digitizing the sound waves’. Most of the digital hearing aids follow this process to produce superior sound quality. The latest digital hearing aids have sophisticated technology to amplify even the softest sounds. While processing the sound wave, this modern equipment filters the unwanted noises.

ReSound LiNX Made For iPhone Features

GN ReSound has launched its new ReSound LiNX ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aids capable of streaming high-quality stereo sound from an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without the need for an additional pendant-like device.

The small, slim design lets you hide ReSound LiNX if you want to – or show it off if you’d rather. Connecting to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch lets you enjoy high quality sound through hearing aids that act like wireless stereo headphones. Customers may customize their hearing knowledge through the ReSound Smart App even.


  • ReSound LiNX applies the most recent and most advanced edition of Surround Sound by ReSound – a built-in sound processing technologies providing top-rated quality audio.
  • ReSound LiNX is really a Made for iPhone hearing aids that provides direct streaming of audio from iPhone, iPad and ipod itouch, allowing wearers to work with their hearing aids to chat on the telephone and listen to songs in high-quality stereo audio with no need for yet another remote control, pendant or accessory.
  • The accompanying ReSound Smart App allows customers to create preferred volume levels along with treble/bass settings, and make use of geo-tagging to assign and adapt to the acoustics of often visited places like house, work, favorite dining places and much more. ReSound Smart also includes a ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ function to greatly help customers pinpoint their hearing aids if misplaced.
  • ReSound LiNX may be the smallest cellular Receiver-in-the-Ear hearing aids taken to marketplace by GN ReSound, yet powerful more than enough to address 90% of most hearing losses.
  • GN ReSound’s unique 3rd era 2.4 GHz wireless technologies, based on the all new SmartRange chipset, is the foundation of this latest technological breakthrough. ReSound LiNX is the first hearing aids on the market to integrate SmartRange with Bluetooth Smart technology.

Find out more about the ReSound LiNX at thelondontinnitustreatmentclinic.

Finding Excellent Discount Hearing Aids is Easier than You Think

We all know that hearing aids are extremely expensive, especially if you buy a leading brand name. But there you have some options you need to consider when doing your research. There are a number of good discount hearing aids available if you do your homework. We hope to provide you with valuable information on hearing aids and accessories if you suffer from hearing loss or deafness. First, if you are having difficulty hearing, we recommend you visit your audiologist to check a complete check up. If it is determined that your require one or two hearing aids, you can find extensive information on hearing aids on the internet including where to find discount hearing aids. Hearing aid prices can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the type and brand you select. So if you are on a tight budget, you can find excellent wholesale hearing aid prices online here at or on sale at leading retailers. Remember, cheap hearing aids don’t mean poor quality.

Finding a brand and style of hearing aid can take some time. There are a number of leading hearing aid manufacturers including Siemens, Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Beltone, Widex and Unitron to only name a few. You can find these brands of hearing aids for sale at hearing centers across the country. You may want to shop in personal to get an idea of the look and feel of these brands. You likely won’t get as deep a discount on these hearing aids when you shop in person as you would if you shopped online.

Another big decision you will need to make is the style of hearing aid you want. You can choose from behind the ear hearing aids (BTE), in the canal hearing aids, (ITC), completely in the canal hearing aids (CIC) and in the ear hearing aids (ITE). Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages and some work better for certain hearing loss than others. The BTE is the most popular choice for child hearing aids because they are so robust and less likely to be lost easily. Discount or wholesale hearing aids and accessories are available both online and if you shop in person. Prices do vary from retailer to retailer so please do your research.